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Iran Launches First Indigenous Destroyer

TEHRAN – Iran’s navy launched its first domestically made destroyer in the Persian Gulf on Feb. 19 in a ceremony attend by the supreme leader and the commander-in-chief Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, the media reported. “Iran’s navy on Friday took the delivery of the first indigenously designed and developed guided missile destroyer “Jamaran” in the Persian […]

Herons Pass Critical Performance Tests

ANKARA – A batch of Heron UAVs produced for Turkey by Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) and Elbit Systems have passed critical performance tests in Israel, and Ankara is ready to accept the delivery of the drones, Turkey’s top procurement official said Feb. 12. “Six of the aircraft have successfully passed the tests inspected by a […]

EADS Accepts A400M Financing Offer

PALMA DE MAJORCA, Spain – EADS has accepted an offer from seven NATO clients to finance the over-budget A400M military transport plane, France said Feb. 25, in a deal that would save Europe’s biggest defense project. The aerospace giant had threatened to pull the plug on the project unless the seven governments stumped up more […]

No Cost Difference for F-35 Alternate Engine

Adding a second engine to the F-35 Lightning II program would cost the same as hewing to the single-source plan, according to a new Pentagon study. Defense Department officials say that supports their decision to reject proposals to buy General Electric and Rolls-Royce’s F136 engine, but some House Armed Services Committee members disagree. “The estimated […]

Pakistan Sounds Warnings Over India Buildup

NEW DELHI – Pakistan warned Feb. 25 that India’s huge military modernization program posed a serious threat to stability in a “nuclearized” South Asian region. “New war doctrines, tremendous boost to the defense spending, induction of new sophisticated weapons systems, these are elements that are prejudicial to regional security and stability,” Pakistan Foreign Secretary Salman […]

TUBITAK-MAM Develops New Radar for Search & Rescue

Researchers from the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TÜBİTAK) have developed “search-and-rescue radar” that can be used to detect the heartbeat of people trapped under the rubble of buildings destroyed by earthquakes. The radar has the critical feature of being able to detect even unconscious victims, aiding rescue teams in getting to survivors […]

Israel Wants Intensified U.S. Heat on Iran

TEL AVIV – In parallel to the U.S.-led drive for harsh international sanctions against Tehran, Israel is pressing Washington to put more pressure on Iran by enhancing its military presence in the Arabian Gulf, Israeli defense and political sources here say. The Israeli request for increased U.S. military muscle-flexing will be discussed this week in […]

Chief EU Negotiator Calls for Cyprus Settlement by April

Turkey’s chief negotiator for European Union talks, Egemen Bağış, has urged Turkish and Greek Cypriot leaders to reach a settlement by April this year. “There are leaders on both sides who are eager for a solution, which has yet to come,” Egemen Bağış told a seminar in Tallinn. “I am hoping that they will come up […]

Boeing Completes Phase-II of Peace Eagle

ANKARA, Turkey — The Boeing Company today announced it has successfully completed the second phase of its industrial participation program for the Peace Eagle 737 Airborne Early Warning & Control aircraft program for the Turkish Air Force. Boeing finished Phase 2 on time and exceeded this phase’s $270 million requirement by $21 million, demonstrating the […]

T129 ATAK Maiden Flight

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