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Turkey: “Nuclear powers should disarm”

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said Friday the United States and other nuclear powers should “eliminate” their arsenals to be “convincing” in the standoff over Iran. Erdoğan, speaking at a U.N. conference on cross-cultural understanding in Rio, made the comment in the context of a deal Brazil and Turkey struck with Iran over its […]

Greece’s Defense Spending and the Financial Crisis

A Greek M-109 self-propelled howitzer during a training exercise near Thiva, Greece, on April 29

Greece and Turkey held a minisummit in Athens on May 14, during which Greece proposed a mutual cut in defense spending of 25 percent. Reining in defense spending is of great interest to Athens in the wake of the financial crisis that has strongly buffeted Greece of late, but this dilemma does not lend itself […]

Aselsan to produce ‘Antenna Mast Group’ for Patriot missiles

Aselsan and US-based defense company Raytheon have agreed to cooperate on the design, manufacturing, integration and test of the Antenna Mast Group (AMG) for new generation Patriot missiles, Aselsan declared in an information release to the Capital Markets Board of Turkey. Within the framework of this cooperation, the two companies are expected to sign a contract […]

Russia, Turkey: A Grand Energy Bargain?

After months of intense negotiation, it appears a grand energy bargain has been made among Russia, Turkey and Azerbaijan. The deal will allow Russia a stronger foothold in Turkey’s energy sector, give Turkey the opportunity to mend relations with Baku and secure a crucial source for natural gas to supply the European market, and provide […]

Azerbaijan and Turkey to organize joint production of three weapons

Azerbaijan is planning to realize the projects of production of weapons together with Mechanical and Chemical Industry Corporation of Turkey, Azerbaijani Defense Industry Minister Yaver Jamalov told  in his exclusive interview. To him, expert group of Azerbaijani Defence Industry Ministry will leave for Turkey in the near future and visit institutions of Mechanical and Chemical […]

“Nationalism is not dead in Europe”

The European financial crisis is moving to a new level. The Germans have finally consented to lead a bailout effort for Greece. The effort has angered the German public, which has acceded with sullen reluctance. It does not accept the idea that it is Germans’ responsibility to save Greeks from their own actions. The Greeks […]

Turkey’s Struggle to Become a Major Player

Turkey’s President Abdullah Gul met with his Russian counterpart, Dmitri Medvedev, in Ankara on Wednesday. The Russian president described his country’s relations with Turkey as having entered a new “strategic” phase. Medvedev and Gul also signed several energy deals worth some $25 billion, which are likely to increase Russia’s energy influence over the Turks. While […]

IMF To Start Talks May 17

A team from the International Monetary Fund will start official talks in Ankara on May 17, Dow Jones reported May 12. Under the Article IV review, the latest economic developments, the midterm and long-term outlook of the Turkish economy and structural reform studies will be evaluated, the IMF statement said. Turkey desk chief Rachel Van […]

Russia To Invest $3 billion In Oil Pipeline

Russian Deputy Prime Minister Igor Sechin said his country will invest about $3 billion in the construction of the Samsun-Ceyhan crude oil pipeline through Turkey, RIA Novosti reported May 12. Russian President Dmitri Medvedev said the 700-km-long (435-mile-long) pipeline, currently being built by Turkey’s Calik Energy and Italy’s Eni SpA and with a projected capacity […]

Turkey pushes UN to set timeline for Cyprus talks

Talk of a timeline for Cypriot reunification from the United Nations’ secretary-general would represent an important success in the peace process, according to a Turkish diplomat. “Mentioning – even indirectly – a timeline for the completion of the talks by [U.N. Secretary-General] Mr. Ban Ki-moon in his to-be-released Goodwill Mission Report on Cyprus would be […]

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