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Arms Race on the Caspian ?

Nations around the Caspian Sea are boosting their navies. With Russia and the West involved as well, its getting complicated. By Joshua KuceraAbout the author The Caspian Sea, an oil-rich body of water on the border of Iran and the former Soviet Union, has seen an unprecedented amount of naval activity this year: Iran has […]

No end to the crisis in Greece – Analyst

The European Union told Greece last week that it must make about 5 billion Euros in order to be in conformity with the bailout plan, so the Greek government is trying to figure out where to find the 5 billion euros from. Most likely, Prime Minister George Papandreou is contemplating further increasing taxes, which is […]

Turkey’s Arms Race

Turkey, unlike its NATO allies, is increasing its defense spending. Currently, Turkey spends 1.8 percent of its GDP on defense, versus an average of 1.6 percent for all NATO members. France, Britain, Poland, Bulgaria and Greece all spend between 2-2.6 percent. Turkey has to spend more for several reasons, one of them being they still […]

Armenia criticizes new UN resolution

Armenia’s Foreign Ministry has warned Azerbaijan against trying to push a fresh resolution accusing Yerevan of occupying Azerbaijani lands through the United Nations General Assembly, Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, or RFE/RL, reported Thursday on its website. The ministry said such a move would hamper a peaceful resolution to the Nagorno Karabakh issue. The draft resolution, […]

Russian base in Armenia to stay through 2044

Russia secured a long-term foothold in the energy-rich and unstable Caucasus region last week by signing a deal with Armenia that allows a Russian military base to operate until 2044 in exchange for a promise of new weaponry and fresh security guarantees. The 24-year extension will allow the base’s fighter jets and thousands of troops […]

Turkey asks for removal of Congress veto on US arms sale

Turkish officials have asked the United States administration to increase its pressure on Congress to approve a pending arms sale to Turkey, which needs arms in the fight against terror, according to diplomatic sources. “We have realized that we should inform members of Congress better on Turkey and current issues. To this end, we will […]

Israel & Greece: Increased Cooperation

Israeli and Greek leaders have been increasing diplomatic overtures with one another in an attempt to throw Turkey off balance. With this cooperation, Israel wants to distract Turkey from its attempts to become a Middle Eastern power, while a weakened Athens wants to show Ankara it has options for maintaining the balance of power in […]

Silajdzic says Turkey’s role in Balkans ‘very positive’

The president of Bosnia and Herzegovina has said he finds Turkey’s Balkans policy “very positive” and knows that many in Europe have positive thoughts about Turkey’s new role in the Balkans just days ahead of President Abdullah Gül’s scheduled visit to the Balkan country. “Three-way meetings [between Bosnia, Serbia and Croatia] are perfect and very […]

More Unmanned Flights Expected in Iraq

The withdrawal of American combat troops from Iraq will not correlate to a reduction in flights of unmanned aircraft, and in fact the flight hours will rise, according to U.S. Army officials speaking at the Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International conference in Denver. “You’ve heard recently all combat units have pulled out of Iraq, […]

Denmark Turns Down NATO Request for F-16s

Denmark has turned down a NATO request to send F-16 fighters to Afghanistan as it believes it has done enough for the international military mission there, the foreign minister said Thursday. “We are one of the countries that contributes the most to Afghanistan,” Foreign Minister Lene Espersen told the media after a meeting of parliament’s […]

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