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Putin Fires Russia’s Space Chief

Anatoly Perminov, head of the Russian Federal Space Agency Roskosmos, was fired from his post by Prime Minister Vladimir Putin on April 29 and replaced by Army Gen. Vladimir Popovkin, the former first deputy defense minister. Popovkin had overseen weapon procurement. The official reason for relieving Perminov, cited in Putin’s order, was that he reached […]

Otokar demonstrates advanced 8×8 APC

Otokar general manager Serdar Görgüç unveiled the advanced capabilities of the leading Turkish armored vehicle manufacturer’s newest 8×8 armored personnel carrier (APC). This new model is a larger and stronger version of Otokar’s Arma 6×6, which was able to score major export success to overseas. “The [Arma] 8×8 is a continuation of the series and prodives best-in-class mobility […]

U.S. cancels alternative engine for the F-35

According to a U.S. Defense Department news release, the companies, along with Congress, were notified of the decision April 25. Pentagon procurement czar Ashton Carter issued a stop-work order March 24 to the companies to halt their work on the alternative engine, which the Defense Department had determined is “unneeded and wasteful.” That action, which […]

Spacecraft Reveals Dramatic Changes in Mars’ Atmosphere

NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) has discovered the total amount of atmosphere on Mars changes dramatically as the tilt of the planet’s axis varies. This process can affect the stability of liquid water if it exists on the Martian surface and increase the frequency and severity of Martian dust storms. Researchers using MRO’s ground-penetrating radar […]

Red Alert: Armenian terrorist organization ASALA may be resurrecting

Turkey’s Foreign Ministry and National Intelligence Service, or MIT, are examining a threat message allegedly sent by the Armenian Secret Army for the Liberation of Armenia, or ASALA, which killed 34 Turkish diplomats in the 1970s and 1980s, according to diplomatic sources. The threat message was reportedly first received at the Turkish Embassy in Tbilisi, […]

Turkey Chooses Sikorsky Helos in $3.5B Deal

Turkish defence minister Vecdi Gonul has named Sikorsky’s T-70 Black Hawk as the winner of the nation’s general purpose helicopter project, which covers the planned delivery of 121 aircraft. Gonul announced the selection following a 21 April meeting by Turkey’s undersecretary of defence industries (SSM). This had last month adjourned having failed to reach a […]

TN commissions second large patrol boat

Turkish Navy (TN) has commissioned the second large patrol boat built by Dearsan shipyards in the Tuzla industrial district. Dubbed TCG Karaburun with the naval identifier “P 1201”, the new boat is part of a larger project that covers the construction of a total of 16 of these boats by 2014. TCG Karaburun will perform a […]

Turkey, Norway to cooperate in peacemaking efforts

 The foreign ministers of Turkey and Norway have signed an accord on exchanging diplomats to facilitate mutual learning from each other’s experiences in peace mediation efforts.   Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu said on Monday that Turkey wanted to work more closely with Norway in relation to developments in the Middle East, the Palestinian issue, […]

Europol report shows how PKK funds terrorist activities in EU

 The outlawed Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) is involved in activities such as drug smuggling, trafficking in human beings and money laundering in European Union states, according to a report released by the EU’s police agency, Europol.   “Information obtained from EU Member States shows, for instance, that both the PKK/Kongra-Gel are actively involved in […]

Israel pushes Herons to Azerbaijan

Israel Aerospace Industries has offered to sell Azerbaijan its Heron 1 and Searcher 2 unmanned aircraft systems as part of “comprehensive solutions” to answer the nation’s defence needs, Flightglobal reported on Monday. Made during a recent visit to Azerbaijan by an IAI delegation, the offer was prompted by the potential customer’s need to support its […]

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