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New Rover Sends Images From Mars

NASA followed up its picture-perfect landing of a plutonium-powered rover Sunday night with a picture of the balletic Mars landing — as well as some well-earned self-congratulation about what the accomplishment says about NASA’s ingenuity. “There are many out in the community who say NASA has lost its way, that we don’t know how to […]

Greece’s crackdown targets immigrants

Greece plans to  deport 1,600 illegal immigrants following a twin-pronged crackdown by police in  central Athens and along the border with Turkey, a main entry point to the EU  used by people traffickers, a police official said on Monday. Some 6,000 immigrants were detained over the weekend in the biggest police  operation in the capital […]

Turkish military coup trial nears verdict

By Ece Toksabay The trial of hundreds of Turkish military officers accused of plotting to overthrow Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan’s government appeared to be approaching a conclusion on Monday after a state prosecutor called for the court to move to a verdict. The prosecutor’s call raised the prospect of a rapid end to the two-year-old […]

The Specter of Syrian Chemical Weapons

By Scott Stewart The unraveling of the al Assad regime in Syria will produce many geopolitical  consequences. One potential consequence has garnered a great deal of media  attention in recent days: the possibility of the regime losing control of its  chemical weapons stockpile. In an interview aired July 30 on CNN, U.S. Secretary  of Defense […]

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