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We’re always looking for volunteer defence authors of all experience levels and from all countries to post quality articles on TR Defence. We especially need writers who are interested in composing articles on the following specific categories:

  • Turkish defence news, weapon systems, projects, R&D activities, military exercises, politics and strategy.
  • Greek defence news, politics and weapon systems.
  • Middle Eastern defence news (especially Israeli and Iranian issues) and political coverage as they pertain to general security of the region.
  • Major US and European defence news, weapons sales, exports, etc.
  • Strategic analyses of countries’ defence doctrines, world military balance, global operations, NATO, troop movements, etc.
  • Science, technology and civilian aerospace activities coverage.
  • Global, regional and country-specific major economy, finance and business news.
  • Other categories.

We’re also looking for valunteer admins and moderators to keep things in check in TR Defence forums.

If you’re interested in becoming a TR Defence news author, admin or moderator, please introduce yourself in an email to with the subject “TR Defence Volunteer”.

Please note that TR Defence is a non-polical publication and has no ties to any political party or interest group. We would like to keep it that way. Please do not sign up if you are politically motivated to promote your ideological views or to bash those you oppose. TR Defence is a low-budget website maintained by volunteers just like you, therefore and regretfully, we’re not able to compensate you for your news articles and/or time as an admin or moderator. The ads running on the website currently generate barely enough income to keep the website online in technical terms. If or when the situation changes for the better in the future, we will consider incorporating and putting our consistent contributors on a “payroll”. We do, however, provide the following benefits to our writers, editors, admins and moderators:


  • e-mail address.
  • Full recognition as a TR Defence Contributor.
  • VIP status on the forums.
  • Invitations to defence shows and fairs like IDEF.
  • Invitations to TR Defence group meetings in Istanbul, Ankara and elsewhere.
  • Positive references and letter(s) to your employer(s) by our editors in your professional career.
  • Possible paid compensation (salary or pay-per-article) in the future if/when TR Defence can grow out of its small size and generate enough revenue.

Thank you for your interest and we hope to see you on board soon!

Please donate as little as $1 and help TR Defence remain as an independent publication.

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