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Fighter Jet Engines ‘Stolen from Israeli Base’

Israel’s military police on June 13 opened an inquiry into the theft of airplane parts, a spokeswoman said without confirming press reports that eight fighter jet engines had been stolen. “The military police have opened an inquiry into the matter,” she told AFP without giving further detail or confirming reports of the theft from Tel […]

Turkey’s options in handling the Syrian crisis

by Hasan Karaahmet As Syria’s Assad regime continues to struggle in containing the widespread uprisings and demonstrations for a more democratic, progressive political system throughout the country, neighboring Turkey is facing an increasingly difficult humanitarian crisis just north of the long border. Last Thursday, Turkey’s Foreign Minister Mr. Ahmet Davutoglu spoke with his Syrian counterpart, […]

US Army’s Maxie McFarland Vacates: Turkey Goes for US COIN/HTS

Maxie McFarland, an unrelenting supporter of the US Army’s Human Terrain System (HTS 1.0), has left his position as Deputy Chief of Staff for Intelligence of the US Army’s Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC), G-2.According to TRADOC Public Affairs Officer Greg Mueller, “Mr. McFarland has left government service after many years of dedicated service as […]

Greek Privatization Drive and Strategic Opportunities for Turkey

As economic indicators point to an imminent threat of painful restructuring of the Greek public debt and conseuently significant loss of capital for major lenders in the Eurozone, pressure on Greece’s ruling party PASOK and Prime Minister George Papandreou keeps piling on. Even though the austerity measures the PASOK government has been trying to implement have caused widespread protest and […]

Turkey sets up $100 mln fund to help Libya rebels

Turkey has established a $100 million fund to support Libya’s rebel Transitional National Council, Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu said on Thursday. “There is a real need for humanitarian access as well as for the natural needs of Libya like schools, hospitals and all those facilities,” Davutoglu said. Davutoglu was speaking to reporters at a […]

US presses Turkey to join Libya air bombing

The Obama administration criticized five key military allies Wednesday to take on a greater share of the NATO-led air campaign against Muammar Gaddafi’s forces, illustrating the strains of a three-month intervention in Libya that has no time frame for an exit. The pressure on Germany, Poland, Spain, Turkey and Netherlands comes as the alliance continues […]

Military Backlash Sends More Syrians Fleeing to Turkey

A rising number of Syrians in the north are fleeing into neighboring Turkey amid fears of possible military retaliation for the killing of Syrian security force members amid an anti-government backlash. News organizations say at least 130 more Syrians entered Turkey on Wednesday, raising the number who have crossed in recent days to at least […]

Arab unrest boosts Turkey’s NATO role

The pending transformation of the NATO air base in İzmir into a key land base for the alliance reflects concerns about security amid the ongoing Arab Spring, security experts have said. The Aegean base was chosen for its new mission because of its strategic location, Nihat Ali Özcan of the Ankara-based Economic Policy Research Foundation […]

Russia Says NATO Not Listening on Missile Shield

NATO and Russia failed to reach a breakthrough on a missile shield project in Europe on June 8 with the Russian defense minister complaining that Moscow’s demands were falling on deaf ears. After talks between NATO defense ministers and their Russian counterpart in Brussels, NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen dismissed Russian demands for a […]

NATO Meeting in Talinn Addresses Cyber Security

Three hundred global cyber experts gathered in Tallinn on June 7 for a NATO Cyber Conflict conference focused on the legal and political aspects of national and global Internet security amid a rise in attacks. “The special focus at the conference this year is on generating cyber forces (…) the technologies, people and organizations that […]

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