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Turkey’s FM, Clinton discussed over alleged Iran plot

Nuland told a daily press briefing that Clinton informed Davutoglu on an alleged Iranian plot to assassinate the Saudi Arabian ambassador to the United States Adel Al-Jubeir during the conversation. A Spokesperson for the U.S. State Department, Victoria Nuland, said on Friday that U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu […]

Combatant Commanders Beware: US Army Program Cancerous, Contagious

By John Stanton A spokesman, and a high ranking official, at the Office of the Inspector General, Department of Defense, Defense Criminal Investigative Service (DCIS), could not “confirm or deny” that the Human Terrain System (HTS) is the subject of an ongoing investigation by the DCIS and the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Sources are adamant […]

Did Pakistani Intelligence Help U.S. in Finding Bin Laden?

An American spy novelist is disputing the details of the raid that took down the world’s “Most Wanted” terrorist leader Osama bin Laden. RJ Hillhouse, who runs the blog, writes that sources in the intelligence community told her that bin Laden was killed because a Pakistani intelligence (ISI) official informed the U.S. authorities about […]

Spain to have Dual Observation Satellite for both Military and Civilian Use

At the presentation of the Paz satellite on Tuesday, 7 June, the Minister for Defence, Carme Chacón, highlighted that, in a few years’ time, Spain will become “the first European country to have a dual Earth observation system, radar and optical, for both civilian and military use”. The Paz satellite, which is fitted with radar […]

The Bin Laden Operation: Tapping Human Intelligence

Since May 2, when U.S. special operations forces crossed the Afghan-Pakistani  border and killed  Osama bin Laden, international media have covered the raid from virtually  every angle. The United States and Pakistan have also squared off over the U.S.  violation of Pakistan’s sovereign territory and Pakistan’s possible complicity in hiding the al Qaeda leader. All […]

Nuclear Weapons Threat Not Decreasing: SIPRI

More than 5,000 nuclear weapons are deployed around the world and nuclear powers continue investing in new weapon systems, making meaningful disarmament in the near future unlikely, a report published Tuesday said. “More than 5,000 nuclear weapons are deployed and ready for use, including nearly 2,000 that are kept in a high state of alert,” […]

Turkey cold to hosting U.S. intelligence command center

The US’s total pullout from Iraq in December of this year has prompted the intensification of secret negotiations between Turkey and the US over the fate of Washington’s supply of real time intelligence to Ankara since November 2007. The US’s transfer of real time intelligence to Ankara has been critical in pinpointing the targets of […]

Israel’s Military Attache Was ‘Industrial Spy’: Russia

Russia expelled Israel’s military attache at its Moscow embassy because he engaged in industrial espionage, an unnamed secret service official told the state RIA Novosti news agency on May 19. The source said air force Col. Vadim Leiderman helped Israeli companies with links to the military illegally obtain sensitive technology from Russia. “As far as […]

China’s baby-steps towards becoming a global military power

Chinese leaders espouse a doctrine of “non-interference” in other nations’ affairs and take every opportunity to reassure the watching world of its “peaceful rise”, notwithstanding its rapid military modernisation programmes. However in the last 12 months China has crossed several significant milestones that analysts say mark a growing self-confidence that Chinese armed forces can now […]

Israel Plans to Invest Additional $1 Billion in Iron Dome Defence System

The successful interception of two rockets fired at the Israeli coastal city of Ashkelon in early April by the Iron Dome short-range missile defence system has been a key milestone for the system’s implementation. As reported in April, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu commented after the system’s first operational use: “We have deployed [the […]

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