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The Specter of Syrian Chemical Weapons

By Scott Stewart The unraveling of the al Assad regime in Syria will produce many geopolitical  consequences. One potential consequence has garnered a great deal of media  attention in recent days: the possibility of the regime losing control of its  chemical weapons stockpile. In an interview aired July 30 on CNN, U.S. Secretary  of Defense […]

As Turkey marks 60th anniversary in NATO

By Ismail Duman Turkey marks 60th anniversary as a member of NATO. As a loyal ally of NATO, Turkey made historic choice of siding with the Western Bloc and since 1952, it has served as a strategic partnership in the Middle East in favor of Western Bloc. “Protocol regarding Turkey’s membership to NATO was signed […]

Sex for military secrets

How does a prostitute make an officer reveal military secrets? Rather easily, according to evidence assembled against a group of Turkish officers who allegedly ran a sex-for-secrets ring. The prostitute “accidentally” drives into the targeted officer’s car, seduces him, secretly films him in the act, and blackmails him. At least 80 people, 60 of them serving […]

Turkey: A paradox of secular and Islamic

Turkey is a paradox: it is secular and Islamic, modern and traditional, wants to be Western – yet tends to looks eastwards. But whatever Turkey is doing, it seems to be working. Last year, Turkey emerged as a source of inspiration for countries in the Middle East during the Arab Spring; the country is now […]

Turkey, Israel: Potential for a Fresh Start?

Thursday marks the two-year anniversary of the 2010 flotilla incident, a crisis on the high seas that triggered a tailspin in Turkish-Israeli relations. In the aftermath of the incident, Turkey recalled its ambassador and demanded an apology from Israel as well as reparations for the nine slain activists. Ankara even announced that its warships would […]

Turkey-Iran rivalry in Iraq?

“The U.S. military withdrawal from Iraq is reordering political dynamics not only in Baghdad but also in the broader Middle East. Nature abhors a vacuum, and a number of actors are seeking to fill the outsized role that America has played in Iraq over the last eight years.” says Sean Kane in his report ‘The […]

Iran Question & Turkey’s Own Nuclear Options

Western nations and Israel have employed all conceivable means to stop Iran’s nuclear program, from sabotage to assassination, from diplomatic pressure to economic embargoes and even cyber attacks. Iranian airplanes carrying nuclear weapons-related technological equipment have been destroyed, nuclear laboratories have been blown up, imported equipment has been delivered to Iran in broken pieces, and […]

US Congressman Charlie Dent: Many Americans think Turkey’s leadership in Middle East will be constructive

Charlie Dent

When Congressman Charlie Dent was offered an opportunity to visit Turkey, he thought this could be a great opportunity to assess the country’s influence in a tempestuous region. He had a chance to see Turkey over the span of a week with his wife, Pamela. Although they had different reasons to be excited about the […]

Turkey against military intervention in Syria

Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu (R) and his French counterpart Alain Juppe shake hands after a joint press conference in Ankara. The two top diplomats call for greater international pressure on turmoil-hit Syria to end violence there. DAILY NEWS photo, Selahattin SÖNMEZ

Turkey will not take part in any military intervention aiming to change the regime in Syria, Turkish Foreign Ministry sources said Nov. 18. “Contingency planning is ready,” a source told a group of journalists in a briefing in Istanbul. “There might be a few exceptions to that policy, but Turkey believes the [ball has been] […]

Mideast ‘risks seeing nuke race’

The head of an anti-proliferation body, Fitzpatrick, is seen in this photo. DAILY NEWS photo, Hasan ALTINIŞIK

The entire Middle East must be cleared of nuclear weapons, the direction of an anti-proliferation organization has said, criticizing the singular focus on Iran while warning of a domino effect if the Islamic republic acquires such arms. “The Middle East should be a ‘nuclear weapon-free zone.’ Israel’s nuclear capability gives Iran an excuse to have […]

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