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Russia to train Turkish scientists in nuclear, space tech

 Ambassador of the Russian Federation to Turkey Vladimir Ivanovskiy has said Russia will not only build a planned nuclear plant but will also train and educate Turks since in time the project will need a substantial number of experts and qualified people to run it. He also says the plan is to further technology […]

Turkey, Norway to cooperate in peacemaking efforts

 The foreign ministers of Turkey and Norway have signed an accord on exchanging diplomats to facilitate mutual learning from each other’s experiences in peace mediation efforts.   Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu said on Monday that Turkey wanted to work more closely with Norway in relation to developments in the Middle East, the Palestinian issue, […]

Canadian Analyst: We’d be smart to start listening to the Turks

To date in the federal election campaign, there has been little discussion about Canada’s military mission in Afghanistan. The major combat commitment is due to end in July, but the Canadian army will continue to deploy up to 1,000 personnel to serve as trainers for the Afghan security forces until 2014. When this three-year extension […]

Turkey Balances Its Ties With West and Islamic World in Libya Operation

Turkey’s position on the unfolding events in Libya has caused a great deal of confusion for observers of Turkish foreign policy. Despite its objections to the use of military force to solve the impending civil war, Turkey has eventually changed course, by agreeing to the transfer of the military operations to NATO command and taking […]

Turkey, its neighbours and Europe

“I can’t tell you what a pleasure it is for me to be in two of my favorite places at the same time. Istanbul and Wilton Park. I’ve been here many times, most recently in 2009, and am always very grateful for the warm words of welcome I receive when I am here. I’m particularly […]

Arab Revolt Makes Turkey a Regional Power

One of the unexpected consequences of the unrest in the Middle East is the elevation of Turkey’s role in the Middle East, making Ankara a potential regional power. On Feb. 8, a leader of the Muslim Brotherhood of Egypt, Ashraf Abdel Ghaffar, said in Istanbul that he was taking refuge in Turkey, where he will […]

Turkey and the Restoration of the Caliphate

 Turkey, the supposed bridge between East and West, was, until recently, showcased as a model democratic and secular exception in the Muslim world.  Since the days of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk — founder of the modern Turkish state in the 1920s — the Turkish military and courts were assumed to be effectively moderating against the […]

Turkey asserts its role in the Middle East

As violence escalates in the Middle East, one bold regional voice stands out — Turkey. It is taking on the role of regional model, mediator and leader But its ambition of being a regional model and leader is tampered by its patchy human rights record and tension between the East and West, writes Christopher Torchia.   […]

Turkish role model in the Middle East

The last developments in the Middle East have brought “model state debates about Turkey” into question. Although following developments of Tunisia Uprising and explanations of some Tunisian leaders recall us the success of ‘Turkish model’ experience, Lebanon experience should read as a diplomatic/practical failure. In the following passages, we will explain what we mean in […]

Turkish PM’s roadmap for Egypt

Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan has proposed a road map for Egypt during his party’s group meeting. Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan said on Tuesday that Turkey has no intention to intervene Egypt’s internal affairs, but would like to see stability and peace in the Middle East. During his party’s group meeting in Turkish Parliament, […]

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