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US missile test fails over Pacific

A sole US test against long-range ballistic missiles failed on Wednesday, the second failure in a row involving the system managed by Boeing Co, the Defense Department said. “The Missile Defense Agency was unable to achieve a planned intercept of a ballistic missile target during a test over the Pacific Ocean today,” Richard Lehner, an […]

Iranian nuclear diplomacy and Turkey stuck in between

The nuclear meeting Iran has been stalling for over a year was finally held in Geneva early this week. The parties, put in diplomatic language, have “agreed to not agree” on any substantial issue. The meeting was so unimpressive the participants settled for being satisfied that a meeting had been held for the first time […]

President Gul: U.S. nukes in Adana under Turkish control

Turkish president Abdullah Gul said that the U.S.-built nuclear weapons hosted in Turkey for the NATO are under Turkish Armed Forces control. President Gul visited a Turkish military base in Turkey’s sauthern province of Adana, daily newspaper Aksam reported on Saturday. One of the reporters asked the President  wheter Turkey has control over the nuclear weapons […]

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