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STM inks cyber security agreement with ministry

Defense engineering, design and software powerhouse STM has inked a protocol with Turkey’s interior ministry with the scope of “Reviewing and Improving Existing Information Technology and Security Infrastructure”, TR Defence sources reported on April 21. While the details of the protocol are not included in the report, the new agreement is likely part of the […]

Turkey to Sync Air & Space Power

Turkey aims to maximize its aerial firepower through several simultaneous programs, mostly indigenous, that better synchronize air and space assets. The most ambitious program is locally designing, developing and building, with foreign technical support, the country’s first “national” fighter jet, dubbed the F-X. Turkey’s procurement authorities recently decided to employ Sweden’s Saab, maker of the […]

TUBITAK to develop laser CIWS

Turkey’s Scientific and Technological Research Foundation TUBITAK has officially opened a bid for the in-country development of a high-power laser weapon system. Such weapons are currently only deployed by the United States military. TUBITAK’s SAVTAG, the Turkish equivalent of “DARPA” of the US Department of Defense, is officially put in charge of supporting a high budget […]

Human brain mapped in 3-D with high resolution

A new 3-D map of the brain is the best thing since sliced cold cuts, at least to some neuroscientists. “It’s a remarkable tour-de-force to reconstruct an entire human brain with such accuracy,” says David Van Essen, a neuroscientist at Washington University in St. Louis. Using a high-tech deli slicer and about 100,000 computer processors, […]

Satellite captures Earth’s greenery

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A new instrument onboard the NASA–NOAA Suomi satellite has been capturing exquisitely detailed views of seasonal and environmental shifts in plant cover. Light sensors on the satellite identify vegetation by detecting differences in reflected amounts of visible light, which plants absorb for photosynthesis, and near-infrared light, which plants don’t absorb. Subtle changes in greenness can […]

Aselsan to Build 4G Systems for Turkey

Aselsan Elektronik Sanayi & Ticaret AS, a producer of civilian and defense electronic systems, and partners will build fourth-generation mobile phone software and equipment, allowing Turkish operators to avoid costly imports. Aselsan, along with Netas Telekomunikasyon AS and Argela, a software company owned by Turk Telekomunikasyon AS, signed a $46.8 million contract with the Turkish […]

New Rover Sends Images From Mars

NASA followed up its picture-perfect landing of a plutonium-powered rover Sunday night with a picture of the balletic Mars landing — as well as some well-earned self-congratulation about what the accomplishment says about NASA’s ingenuity. “There are many out in the community who say NASA has lost its way, that we don’t know how to […]

Finmeccanica Completes First Tests for NATO Cyber Security System

The Finmeccanica Cyber Solutions team selected in February 2012 to fulfil the  NATO Computer Incident Response Capability (NCIRC) – Full Operating Capability  (FOC) requirement, has completed the testing phase of the programme’s Proof of  Concept in line with the challenging timescale set by NATO. NCIRC FOC will  provide a highly adaptive and responsive system to […]

Space new destination for Turkish tourism firm

Turkey’s VIP Tourism offers tourists from all over the world a four-hour space experinece on a special vehicle. Hürriyet photo

VIP Tourism, a Turkish tourism firm, will start organizing space tours to the stratosphere by 2014, the company announced yesterday.   The company will offer space tourists from Turkey and around the world a four-hour-long experience 36 kilometers above the Earth’s surface aboard a space balloon named “Bloon,” which has reportedly been developed with state-of-the-art […]

NASA launches car-sized rover to Mars

Reporting from Cape Canaveral, Fla.— With the roar of an Atlas 5 engine, NASA began its boldest venture yet to another planet, sending its Mars Science Laboratory on an eight-month journey that is expected to provide Earth with new and more detailed information about whether the red planet is — or ever has been — […]

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