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New NASA rover to scout for life’s habitats on Mars

PHOTOS Reuters

A nuclear-powered rover as big as a compact car is set to begin a nine-month journey to Mars this weekend to learn if the planet is or ever was suitable for life. The launch of NASA’s $2.5 billion Mars Science Laboratory aboard an unmanned United Space Alliance Atlas 5 rocket is set for 10:02 a.m. […]

Techno center to boost local defense industry

Teknopark Istanbul will become Turkey’s most important technology center, says Minister Nihat Ergün (4th right). AA photo

The Turkish government aims to make Teknopark Istanbul the country’s Silicon Valley for the defense industry. The center is expected to employ around 30,000 people and generate yearly revenues up to $5 billion. The Turkish government on Nov. 18 laid the foundations for Teknopark Istanbul, a technology center that will house hundreds of mainly defense […]

Study: Brain analysis can help predict psychosis

Photo: Reuters

Computer analysis of brain scans could help predict how serious or long term a psychotic patient’s illness may become and help doctors make more accurate decisions about how best to treat them, researchers said on Monday. In a study in the journal Psychological Medicine, scientists from King’s College London’s Institute of Psychiatry and University College […]

Turkish hacker claims credit for French paper cyber-attack

The Charlie Hebdo's publisher looks at documents removed by firemen in front of the offices of the French satirical magazine after they were destroyed by a petrol bomb attack overnight. AFP photo

A Turkish hacker claimed credit today for bringing down the website of a French satirical weekly that published images of the Prophet Mohammed that he said were an insult to Islam. But in an interview with France’s Le Journal du Dimanche, the hacker also said he was against violence and did not support those who […]

Fake Mars mission to open hatch on 520 days isolation

Employees work on the Phobos-Grunt (Phobos-Soil) spacecraft, which has been constructed to retrieve the first ever soil samples from the surface of Phobos, one of the moons of Mars, in Baikonur on Oct. 31.

The crew of an isolation experiment to simulate a 520-day mission to Mars are in the final countdown before the opening on Friday of the hatch on the windowless cells in which they have been locked away since June last year. The $15-million Mars500 experiment aims to answer one of the big questions of deep-space […]

NASA evacuates astronauts from deep-sea training

This NASA satellite image, taken October 24.(Reuters)

Six astronauts and scientists participating in the NASA Extreme Environment Mission Operations, or NEEMO, program left the Aquarius Undersea Laboratory after five days. NASA evacuated astronauts and scientists participating in an underwater space simulation in the Florida Keys over concerns about Hurricane Rina, officials said on Wednesday. Six astronauts and scientists participating in the NASA […]

China says to launch unmanned space-docking craft

Officials with China’s space programme have said the docking tests will provide experience for the building of a permanent manned space station around 2020. China said on Wednesday it will launch within weeks its first spacecraft capable of docking with a module it put into orbit last month, in what will mark a crucial test […]

Turkish satellite RASAT becomes operational

The satellite, which was sent into space from Russia on Aug. 17 of this year, makes a complete orbit around the world every 98 minutes and completed 900 tours in total yesterday. RASAT, Turkey’s own remote sensing satellite has begun to transmit its first photos to a Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TUBITAK) […]

Space mission ‘challenge’ for Turkey, official says

Kiyoshi Higuchi, vice president of Japan’s Aerospace Exploration Agency DAILY NEWS photo, Selahattin SÖNMEZ

Kiyoshi Higuchi, vice president of Japan’s Aerospace Exploration Agency, visits the Turkish capital Ankara as part of the planned cooperation with Japan for the development of space technology. ‘Turkey’s objective to send an astronaut to space by 2023 is not impossible, but they might face trouble,’ he says in an interview Turkey’s objective to send […]

Japan to coopetate with Turkey in space sector

Higuchi said he would contribute to the space institution which Turkey was planning to set up as well as share his and his country’s experiences in space sector. Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) Vice President Kiyoshi Higuchi said he would contribute to the space institution which Turkey was planning to set up as well as […]

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