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Turkey’s science minister to visit CERN

Nihat Ergun will pay a visit to Switzerland on October 20-21 upon an invitation of Turkish scientists working in CERN. Turkey’s science, industry and technology minister will visit the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) in Switzerland, his office said on Tuesday. Nihat Ergun will pay a visit to Switzerland on October 20-21 upon an […]

Philips plans to cut 4,500 jobs

Teamsters Mark A. Owsianiak (L) and Mark Bishop put up a sign at the Philips Electonics booth before the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) at the Las Vegas Convention Center January 3, 2008.(Reuters)

Van Houten told reporters the companies were still talking but if negotiations were finalized, it could then take months to close a deal due to regulatory hurdles. Philips Electronics has all but abandoned hope of selling its TV business by the end of the year, leaving a question mark over how quickly it can divest […]

Titanium treasure trove found on the Moon

The discovery was made possibly thanks to the US Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter, which used its on-board powerful camera and swept the surface of the Moon, scrutinising it in seven different light wavelengths. A map of the moon composed of superimposed observations in visible and ultraviolet wavelengths has revealed an amazing treasure – hordes of titanium […]

Levitating objects at the science festival in Moscow

Focusing on Natural Sciences, the Festival is of light-hearted report compiled by the leading scientists and researchers for the society’s consumption. The 6th Russian Science Festival took place in Moscow between October 8 and 10, 2011 on the premises of the Moscow State University. The First Russian Science Festival was held in 2006 in Lomonosov […]

NASA-backed space taxi to fly in test next summer

The test flight was added after privately held Sierra Nevada got a $25.6-million boost to its existing $80 million contract with NASA. A seven-seat space taxi backed by NASA to ferry astronauts to the International Space Station will make a high-altitude test flight next summer, officials said on Tuesday. Sierra Nevada Corp’s “Dream Chaser” space […]

Climate change negotiators see no major Durban deal

Vapour pours from a steel mill chimney in the industrial town of Port Kembla, about 80 km (50 miles) south of Sydney July 7.(Reuters)

Global climate change negotiators on Friday concluded their last round of discussions before next month’s U.N. convention in Durban, South Africa with faint hope of extending the Kyoto Protocol beyond next year. But while negotiators see no chance for a sweeping deal to control greenhouse gas emissions, they say that the talks could yet lay […]

Astronomers Find Largest, Most Distant Reservoir of Water

Two teams of astronomers have discovered the largest and farthest reservoir of water ever detected in the universe. The water, equivalent to 140 trillion times all the water in the world’s ocean, surrounds a huge, feeding black hole, called a quasar, more than 12 billion light-years away. “The environment around this quasar is very unique […]

Pentagon seeks ways of interstellar travel

The research agency in the U.S. Defense Department that helped foster the Internet wants someone to dream up a way to send people to a star. The winner will get half a million dollars for the idea. This month 150 competitors answered the federal government’s initial call for private sector cosmic ideas. Officials say some […]

Turkish researchers make nanotechnology breakthrough

A group of Turkish researchers at an Ankara university have manufactured the longest and thinnest nanowires ever produced, by employing a novel method to shrink matter 10-million fold. The invention, discovered at Bilkent University’s National Nanotechnology Research Center, or UNAM, is set to appear on the cover of Nature Material magazine’s July edition. “At this […]

Israel’s new underground weapon

The Israeli Army has developed a new tool in its seemingly Sisyphean struggle against the hundreds of underground tunnels used for smuggling weapons from Sinai into Gaza, or as subterranean staging grounds for cross-border strikes into Israel. A collaborative effort between the Army’s special technology division and EMI, a local explosive materials manufacturer, the system […]

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