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Istanbul Shipyard reveals designs for submarine rescue vessels

The Turkish Navy’s future Submarine Rescue Mother Ship (MOSHIP) will be able to evacuate the crew of a distressed submarine at depths up to 600 m, according to Istanbul Shipyard.

Details of the MOSHIP design given to Jane’s on 26 June show the vessel is 91 m long, with a beam of 18.5 m and draught of 5 m. Space is provided for 131 personnel and it has a maximum speed of 18 kt and a range of 4,500 n miles at a speed of 14 kt.

The ship will also be able to perform rescue and towing operations for broken-down, wrecked or aground vessels. Equipped with remotely operated vehicles (ROVs), diving units and an atmospheric diving suit (ADS), the ship can conduct underwater maintenance and wreck-removal operations.

The Turkish Undersecretariat for Defence Industries confirmed on 15 June that Istanbul Shipyard was selected as preferred bidder for its MOSHIP and Rescue and Towing Ship (RATSHIP) construction programmes.

Two RATSHIP vessels are planned. The design from Istanbul Shipyard is 69 m long with a beam of 13.5 m and draught of 4 m. It can attain the same speed and endurance levels of the MOSHIP and has space for 104 personnel.

The RATSHIPs will also be equipped with ROVs and an ADS for underwater missions but they are also tasked with towing targets for surface shooting practice. Istanbul Shipyard said the vessel can be used for “picking up the target ship and torpedoes from the sea during the torpedo practices”.

Additional roles include firefighting, support for submarine rescue operations and offshore towing operations.

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