Otokar unveils the Altay MBT

The initial 3D design of Turkey’s new main battle tank, Altay, was released today during a press release by SSM which also marked the completion of the M-60T modernization program.

Altay appears to share strong chasis characteristics with its technological base, the South Korean XK-2 Black Panther, with a re-designed Turkish turret and Aselsan’s state-of-the-art Volkan-III modular fire control system.  The number of wheels have been increased to seven, which translates to a longer hull, heavier armor, increased survivability and possibly a stronger, non-standard engine rated at 1,800+ HP.

According to reports, a military envoy from Columbia was also present at the press meeting to obtain more information about the tank.

TRDEFENCE will continue to keep you up to date as more facts and images become available.

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