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Turkish Defence Companies Index

This Turkish defence companies index aims to be the most comprehensive listing of firms active in Turkey’s defence and aerospace sectors. In order to add your company to this list, please send your company’s name, contact information, general product line and website address (if any) to We’ll make sure to include it right away.

Companies are listed alphabetically. This list may include smaller companies not yet recognized by SSM.


List of Turkish Defense Companies:

ADIK “Shipbuilding prime contractor, naval systems, R&D”

AgenaBST “Modeling & simulation, sensor technologies, engineering and software services”

AGS “Industrial automation & process control technologies”

AKANA “Engineering solutions, robotics, machinery”

ALP “Aviation, avionics systems, aircraft components manufacturing”

ANELTECH “IT solutions, electronics, data systems”

ALTAY  “Simulation, counter-measure, surveillance systems and IT services.”

ARES  “Shipyards, naval systems”

ASELSAN  “Military electronics, radars, avionics, communications, integrated systems.”

ASIL  “Steel, metals, materials, processing technologies.”

ASPILSAN  “Military batteries, power systems.”

ATARD  “Defence technologies, aerospace, R&D.”

A-TEL  “Electronics, telecommunications technologies.”

AYESAS  “C4ISR systems, software.”

BMC  “Land vehicles, engines, parts.”

CANIK “Firearms.”

C2TECH  “Modeling, simulation, communications and sensor technologies.”

COŞKUNÖZ “Automotive components, machinery, materials technologies.”

DEARSAN “Shipyards, naval systems prime contractor, naval R&D”

DPE-GROUP “Provides various land, air and sea based systems and integration solutions.”

DESAN “Shipyards, naval systems integrator, ship repair, R&D”

DÜZGİT “Shipyard, naval systems integrator.”

EFES SAVUNMA “Electronics, sensor systems.”

ESDAŞ “Electronics, sensors, communications systems.”

ETA “Electronics”

ETC-IS “IT, automation systems.”

FİGES “Engineering, R&D”

FNSS  “Armored land vehicles, APCs, IFVs”

FOTONİKS “Electronics, electro-optic systems, R&D.”

GATE ELEKTRONIK  “Measurement systems, sensors, defence electronics, software and engineering solutions.”

GENPOWER “Generators, electrical components.”

GİR-SAN “Machinery, firearms, ammunitions.”

GLOBAL TEKNİK “Engineering, electronics, avionics, simulators, aviation and aerospace systems, R&D”

HAVELSAN  “Aviation electronics, simulators, software, integrated systems.”

HEMA “Automotive, motors, pumps, industrial solutions.”

IDC “Defence systems.”

İSTANBUL SHIPYARD “Shipbuilding, naval prime contractor, marine systems.”

İŞBİR ELEKTRİK “Electrical systems contractor, electronics.”

KALE HAVACILIK “Aerospace technologies, materials, components.”

KALEKALIP  “Machinery, construction, fixtures, advanced composites, firearms, engineering.”

KAREL “Electronics.”

KOÇ BİLGİ ve SAVUNMA “IT solutions, defence technologies.”

KOLUMAN “Automotive, land systems.”

MES MAKİNA “Machinery, components, mechanical systems.”

METEKSAN SAVUNMA  “Sensors, lasers, microwave systems, underwater acoustic systems.”

MIKES  “Defense electronics, microwave systems, software.”

MİLSOFT “Software, electronics, defence technologies.”

MKE/MKEK  “Firearms, heavy weapons, cannons, explosives, munitions.”

MTU “Electronics, automation systems, components.”

NETAS  “Electronics, telecommunications and microwave systems.”

NUROL “Machinery, land systems.”

ONUR “Electronics, communications systems.”

OTOKAR  “Armored land vehicles, integrated systems.”

PAGETEL “Land systems, environmental protection systems.”

Pİ MAKİNA “Automotive, machinery, construction systems, machinery.”

RMK MARINE “Shipyard, naval systems.”

ROKETSAN  “Rockets, missiles, guidance systems, armor.”

SARSILMAZ  “Firearms”

SAVRONIK  “Defence electronics, power, communications and weapon systems.”

SELEX “Electronics, communications.”

SDT “Electronics, software, defence technologies.”

STM  “Design & engineering solutions, simulation, testing.”

TAI / TUSAS  “Aircraft, fighters, satellites, aerospace products, parts, integrated systems, UAVs”

TEI  “Aircraft engines, propulsion systems, parts manufacturing and maintenance services.”

TISAS  “Firearms”

TRANSVARO “Electro-optic systems.”

YALTES  “Integrated command & control systems, internal composites, sensors, simulation.”

YONCA-ONUK  “High performance boats, naval systems.”


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